Inés Estrada creates graphic narratives through comics and drawing as a way of channeling her obsessions with cartoons, spirituality, nature, rock’n’roll and the illusion of reality. Her last science fiction graphic novel, Alienation, was published in the USA by Fantagraphics in 2019– same year in which she had a psychotic break that left her physically disabled. She currently lives and works in Mexico City, where she was born in 1990.

She has an online shop,, through which she has been self-publishing, producing merch with her designs and distributing work from other local artists since 2013.

Other collaborative projects she has participated in were as a co-organizer of Zin Amigos in 2012, the first festival in Mexico City focused on graphic and narrative zines, and as the co-editor and designer of the only compilation on the graphics and history of Mexican zines, Fanzinología Mexicana 1985 - 2015, published by El Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City.

INÉS ESTRADA ★ [email protected] ★ CD MÉXICO 1990


    Alienation – Fantagraphics, USA 2019